Monday, September 7, 2009

Chapter Eleven

Hey guys!
as i promised i will blog more often
I hope that there are still people reading my blog
i think its just dying!=(
This is a sentimental postI needed a long time to think of what i wanna write
On Friday,I didn't go to school
so woke up at 12pm picked up Mr Glenn and went off to
STREET CAFE ( jin yang hometown)
to surprise my really good friend

Esther Chong! Had a surpise party for her
Look at that face
ain't she cute?=p
Known her since we were Std 4 i think
She is really a great person
She makes you laugh like crazy
we were class mate's
But that ONCE
was once my greatest time of my whole secondary year!=D
Really glad that i knew her!
Whoever get's her is a lucky bastard
Come on bastard's
where are you guys!?
Hadn't seen that kind of face in a longgg time

When she came in!

Group pic

Oh yeah,
On that same day
It was charmaine's birthday too!
As in every party
There are the supersticous Chinese beliver's that on someone birthday you would get


i got a lil lucky

But not william Lao

10 bucks in 10 minutes

Perkyang is laughing all the way to the bank!=p

Energy dulu
Food for thought

Camwhore moments!

Wedding picture



One year older,
no inches taller,
all those years,
i have feeled,
so much love and happiness,
anger and sadness,
i never forget those moments,
when we were friends
Thanks for being my friend
i could not believe it has already been 5 years
Hope you have a really great birthday
btw, you looked really different already
if you are reading this i will show you what i mean next time!
Signing off,
yEE sAm
Sorry abt the bad picture's
Copied them from Facebook!

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